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As an Authorized HughesNet Retailer, Bryson City Electronics is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best in high-speed satellite Internet. You won’t find a better service at a better value with any other satellite Internet service provider.

Bryson City Electronics strives to provide fast and efficient service while installing or updating your HughesNet services. We provide the same level of service to our loyal customers as we would to our family and friends in hopes of providing outstanding customer service, every day. When working with Bryson City Electronics, your Local HughesNet Authorized Retailer, you can guarantee personalized HughesNet service with great internet. Call our office at 828-488-1100 to talk to our local, friendly staff.


HughesNet install went very well, I’m getting great service, and I’m very happy

HughesNet install went very smoothly, happy with the service provided

I’m very happy with my current HughesNet Internet service and have no desire to change to another company at this time even though my current commitment is finished. I’ve had no issues with the service and any minor issues he has had in the past have been resolved quickly

On Thursday, June 23rd, I was leaving North Carolina, after vacationing in Fontana Village with my family (Teresa, my wife, Christina my step daughter, our grand children Chasity 12, Joshua 11, Cheyenne 10, and little Ray-Ray 3). As we crossed the intersection of route 143 and 28, we pulled over to let my eldest grand daughter, Chasity, get out because she was getting car sick. As we walked around the car, my wife Teresa noticed a good bit of steam coming from under the hood. I opened the hood and discovered that we had a broken T joint in the main water hose. Our cell phones were not getting a signal and we were pretty much stuck. We were in need of a blessing and a miracle. About twenty minutes later a very nice gentleman pulled over asked us if we needed any assistance. His name is Chuck Cochran, a local who lives in Sylva, NC. Chuck went above and beyond simply helping. He made several calls to find a mechanic who would look at our Ford Expedition. Then, he made calls to get a tow truck. He then took my wife and grand kids all the way to Robbinsville to the San Ran Motel while I waited for the tow truck from Eller’s Garage. I found out later that Chuck was working, he works for Direct TV, and was actually headed in the opposite direction. Helping us took him many miles out of his way. All in all, Chuck took around an hour and a half of his time to help us I, and my Family, would like to show Chuck our appreciation by saying Thank You so much for being so wonderful and helpful and one of the Lord’s Servants. May you receive All of God’s Blessings. The townsfolk of Sylva need to know they have an Angel in their midst and his name is Chuck Cochran.

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